Mr. MD and the Aural Motivators

mr. md + the aural exciters

saturday, september 14 @ 4:25 pm

Mr MD and the Aural Exciters is a band that grew out of a group of professional musicians who were regular contributors to a large number of studio albums recorded at Mission Studios over the years.

Each musician brings a wealth of stylistic and musical chops to our collective performances both in the studio and on stages in support of the resulting album tours. Many of the albums created with this talented group of players have gone on to critical acclaim and awards were presented in a variety of musical genres and forums. We joke that there are a combined 400 years of experience shared by the members of the band.

Our love of blues, Soul and R & B is featured in our stage performances with the Aural Exciters.

The Roster includes:

Dan Bedard – Bass and Vocals – Award winning composer and producer

Marc Savard – Guitar and Vocals – Professional Musician and Music educator

Sean Perras – Drums – Composer, Stage Musical producer, percussionist and recordist

JY Begin – Saxes and Flute – Jazz musician and Music educator

Don Reed – Violin – World Champion Fiddler at Shelbourne and international recording artist

Shawn Pitzel – B3 and Keyboards – Retired Studio owner and recording artist