Luke + the Apostles

luke + the apostles

friday, september 15 @ 7:05 pm

Luke & The Apostles was a 1960s blues group from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The band is known for their 1967 hit “Been Burnt”. Band members included Canadian guitarist Mike McKenna, Luke Gibson, Peter Jermyn, Jim Jones, and Pat Little. Ā The band is considered to be innovators of the electric blues in the Toronto music scene of the sixties.

Many of the band members went on to form other notable Canadian bands such asĀ McKenna Mendelson Mainline,Ā Kensington MarketĀ and The Modern Rock Quartet (The MRQ).

In 2009 McKenna and Gibson began talking about putting a new band together and playing on a regular basis. The decision was made and the McKenna-Gibson Band was formed featuring David Martin on drums and percussion; William (Bill) Miller on bass; and Frank Sedlak on keyboards, vibes and backup vocals. The set list is made up of a mix of Mainline and Apostles’ material, blues standards, and new material penned primarily by Luke Gibson. The band made a successful debut at Toronto’s Black Swan Tavern on December 12, 2009.

In 2013 The band has reformed again with 3 original members, Gibson, Mckenna, and Jermyn. and currently performs occasionally live in the Toronto area to a predominantly “nostalgia” crowd.

In 2017, the self-titled album Luke & The Apostles was released on True North Records. Arriving more than 50 years after their first single “Been Burnt,” it is the band’s first full-length release.


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